The Mission Page

Here I will gradually write up stuff about Mission's speakers from pre-2000.  I've given a good few a try and will endeavour to give some reviews, thoughts, comments, observations and gradually build a timeline.

For now I will post up a (probably not complete) list of those that I've tried over the years (dates are my estimates and may not be entirely accurate):

70MkII (late 1980s)

77 (late 1980s)

700 (1981)

700 (early 2000s)

700LE (late 1980s)

707 (early 1980s)

710 (1970s)

710 (early 1980s)

730 (1990s)
737 (mid 1980s)

737R (mid 1980s)

737 Renaissance MkI (mid 1980s)

737 Renaissance MkII (mid-late 1980s)

751 (mid 1990s?)

760 (late 1980s / early 1990s)

770 MkI (1980)
770 MkII (early 1980s)
770S (mid 1980s)
770 Freedom MkI (mid to late 1980s)

770 Freedom MkII (late 1980s)

771e (early 1990s)

773e (early 1990s)

780 Argonaut MkI (mid to late 1980s)

780 Argonaut MkII (late 1980s)

782 (mid 1990s)

83 (mid 1990s)


  1. Hi there, this is a long shot, but would you have any idea where I could get hold of a mid / bass driver for a 737 Renaissance MkI? Thanks, max

  2. Hi Max - post up the URL of a picture above that matches the speaker you are referring to please (or a URL from one on a site elsewhere). Also, a way to contact you please.

  3. Hi Max

    Try this:

  4. Hi Niel,

    RecentlyI bought a pair of Mission 705a's. Did not really realize that they were so big. Guess they are quite rare with built in amps. Plays well though but sound is really depending on the quality of the source and media.If you have any background information on these speakers I would be happy to know..
    Best regards Jacob, Denmark