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Monday 9 April 2012

Inside an Active Linn AV5125

Some photos of the inside of the AV5125 five channel amplifier with 2 x stereo active cards installed - 1 x stereo treble and 1 x stereo bass (in this case, the cards are for Keilidh speakers, but the cards are in the same format for all AV5125s. There is room for one more mono card for the 5th channel, but its not installed in this case.

AV5125 Rear Panel - showing 5 channels of inputs (1 input and output per channel to facilitate bi-amping or active) and speaker terminals (2 speaker outputs per channel to ease bi-wiring),  4 slots in the upper right hand half would have tabs sticking out indicating the type of card installed, should active cards be in place inside the amp.

AV5125 Front Panel

AV5125 With 2 x Active Stereo Cards Installed

AV5125 with 2 x Active Stereo Cards Installed - just to the right the vertical white plastic pillars of the 5th mono card installation point can be seen

AV5125 Internals Overview.  Front panel at the base of this picture.


  1. Anyone have a service manual for the 5125? Where is the fuse?

  2. Anyone have a service manual for the 5125? How do i check/replace a fuse?