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Saturday 30 May 2015

Pay For Your Music And Be Punished

I'm a big advocate of paying for music.  I don't want to work for nothing, and neither should the music artists.  I buy my downloads and CDs and pay my subscription to Tidal because its supposed to offer decent sound quality (which it does, but it doesn't sound as good as a locally stored download or CD).

However, it looks like we're now being punished, if this article is true, then we are (alledgedly, of course), being provided with damaged music, WHEN WE HAVE PAID FOR IT.

The article is essentially claiming (alledgedly, of course) that Universal Music Group is deliberately altering (i.e. distorting) the music that we are buying in order to try and track down those who are not buying.  We who pay for music are receiving damaged music, provided by the label, in order for the label to make an attempt at catching those who don't pay for music.

I don't get it and I don't want it.  Why screw up music for those who are honest enough to buy their music?  Rubbish and not acceptable.

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