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Thursday 1 June 2017


ROOM 216

Kudos T-606 and T-707.  Driven by Naim NDS/555 DR, 552/555DR and NAP500. Naim SuperLumina cables. No room treatment.

Kudos are kind of launching 2 speakers at Munich.  Kind of, because the T-707 was "previewed" at Bristol in February and Chester in March in the UK. The T-707 is a smaller take on the T-808 with a single cabinet, a 2-way system with isobaric mid-bass drivers. At 14k Euros it's about 2/3 the price of the T-808.  The second launch was the smaller still T-606 - another 2-way isobaric design which is substantially smaller - being very similar to the Super 20 in size.  This was a "preview" as a higher power handling version of the mid-bass is slated for the production version.  The 606 comes in at around 9k Euros.  The tweeter in the Titan series (which is much more restrained and refined than the one in the Super series) uses the SEAS beryllium frame and motor with the soft dome from the Crescendo.

Kudos T-707 and T-606

Naim SuperLumina cables. Here you can see the option for connecting the speaker for active use with Linn Exakt, Devialet or Naim SNAXO
I had the opportunity to select tracks in this room as it was very quiet first thing on press day.  So I sat for a good 40 minutes playing music through the T-606.  Positioning in the room wasn't ideal because the T-707 stood alongside, but even so, this little floorstander put in an exemplary performance - particularly in such a big room.  It's in the same mould as the 707 - it takes everything in its stride and is musical and fun to listen to, whilst seeming to avoid the tendancy for Kudos speakers to be a little over-bright.  The 707 is more open, a little more controlled/taut and goes a little deeper.  If you can stretch to the budget required for the 606 but can't stretch to 707 or don't have room for it, best not to listen...

Looking forward to hearing these with Linn Exakt - hopefully at home - some time soon, but will have to wait for Kudos to get around to designing the crossovers.

(With thanks to Toby at Kudos for helping with charging up my camera).

I prefer them with the grilles on.

Naim NDS/555 DR, 552/555 DR, NAP500 and Fraim

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