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Tuesday 3 April 2018

Post Kegworth Musings, 2018

 Some visitor comments about the Musings system at Kegworth 2018

What Hifi Forum:
insider9: "Linn Exakt didn't disappoint once more."

lindsayt: "I enjoyed my time in the active Linn Katan + sub Exakt room.
It was like going to an official Linn show demo. Lighting turned down. Playlist decided days in advance being streamed from a laptop. Sounded fine. Impossible to say how fine as they were playing tracks I've never heard before."

Linn Forum:
Willie Eckerslyke: "Digital sound of the show was sunbeamgls, by a country mile. It was just musical...."

mickbald: "sounded superb"

Stuart Frazer: "Lots of people including myself found the system to be very very good.  It was just so musical.  I could easily live with that setup."

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