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Tuesday 12 February 2019

Kudos and Exposure Collaborate on Active Crossovers

Its a long saga...

Kudos have been enthusiastic about active electronics to drive their "Super" and "Titan" range speakers for around 3 years.  There are Linn Exakt digital crossover configurations for their speakers and a Devialet option too.

In parallel, a project was underway to develop a Naim SNAXO active crossover too.  It rumbled on for a couple of years, with previews at a number of shows that proved the solution to be a good idea.  it would, of course, have encouraged existing Naim amplifier owners to not only buy a SNAXO, but also to buy extra amplifiers.  You'd think that Naim would be keen on that.  But, for whatever reason, Naim have chosen to shelve the project for the foreseeable future.  There are some Naim dealers that will modify existing SNAXOs for Kudos use, but that's not exactly mainstream.

But now the news, for non-Linn and non-Devialet users, is much better.  Kudos and Exposure have announced a collaboration to produce an active crossover for Kudos speakers.  This will be a stand-alone unit that will allow the customer to choose any pre-amp and any power amp combination.  Excellent. I look forward to hearing the prototype at the 2019 Bristol Hifi Show.


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