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Monday 8 August 2022

The UK's Most Interesting Hifi Show is Back - The WAM Show, 2nd October 2022

 The WAM hifi show is a show like no other.

There are a couple of commercial rooms, but beyond that there are 40+ rooms of systems put together by enthusiasts purely for your listening pleasure - no selling!  Each room will have a system brought along to the hotel by a HifiWigwam member, set up for the weekend, playing whatever music they fancy (or you request!) to let you hear real systems put together with love and care for the enjoyment of music.

It's unique amongst hifi shows and not to be missed.

This year its at a new venue, just outside the railway station at Stoke on Trent on Sunday 2nd October.

More information at the show website, tickets are only £10


AudiophileMusings will be exhibiting in Room 221 - do come along and choose a track from our playlist.

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