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Saturday 25 February 2012

Naim Take Streaming Waaaay Up Market

Naim are going whole heartedly for the world of streaming.  Not content with their recently launched entry level (ahem) £2k ND5 XS nor the £3k NDX they've just announced the top of the range NDS at £6250.  Gulp.  But you can't even plug it in for that as you'll need to add at least one of their range of power supplies to get it up and running.  So if you thought Linn's £11k Klimax DS was expensive, just wait until you work out what an NDS and 2 of Naim's top end power supplies adds up to.  The lowest price power supply is £2900, but you can drive the NDS with 2 of the top end NAPS555 which means a whopping £10k.  A streamer from Naim could now set you back over £16k.  Better be good.

I'm really keen to see what kind of reviews this gets and how much existing owners of Naim's top end CD players make of it.  I feel another one of those times rather like the CD vs Vinyl debates of 20 years ago coming to several forums near you soon.  Only this time its bit-perfect digital versus spinny-roundy error prone and noise inducing digital.

Get yer hair-shirts out for this one.  If you'd invested £16k+ in a CD player, are you duty bound to believe that a £12k+ network streamer can't possibly be as good?!?

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