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Saturday 21 September 2013

Linn's 40th Birthday Party

Established in 1973, Linn is celebrating its 40th Anniversary at the factory this weekend.  Via some communications on the Linn forum I was fortunate enough to secure a couple of tickets (thanks very much Dan Steel).  Here are some notes and pictures from the event.

Around 300 visitors had a choice of various presentations and listening sessions through the day.  An opening address by Ivor Tiefenbrun at 11:00 and a major product launch (see the above posts about Exakt) at 14:00 were "compulsory" attendance events.  Throughout the day there were presentations on the history of Linn Records, how Linn Records records an orchestra, meet the engineers (speakers, control software, LP12 and DS sessions available) and various music playing sessions in the Linn Home dem rooms.  Tours of the factory were also bookable.

For us the party started with a listen to the Highland Park LP12. The plinth is made from lids of oak whisky barrels which could be up to 200 years old.
Due to the different material the plinth is made from 4 separate pieces of wood rather than being assemled from 4 pieces cut from a single piece.

Highland Park 40th Anniversary LP12
Listening Through Fully Active Solo Driven 350ps in the Linn Home
Example Plinth with Branding Literally Branded Onto the Wood
Over The Barrel
Only 40 produced.
Includes all the top end kit such as Ekos SE, Uphorik, Radical etc.  Also includes a bottle of 40 year old Highland Park in a presentation case.
Rumour has it that they sold out over the weekend (although, as dealers have to buy their kit from Linn, not all may have found a final home yet).

Sounded nice enough, but still vinyl with its inherent surface noise problems (although, of course, at this level surface noise is very much reduced).

Of all the dems in the Linn Home (main room and the 2 lounge size rooms at the back of the building) were less than brilliant - I don't think this facility does the systems any favours - the Akurate room with the Emily Barker demonstration was the most enjoyable.

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