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Tuesday 24 September 2013

More Pictures From Linn's 40th Anniversary Event

Thanks very much to Peter of Linn specialist Cymbiosis who has kindly provided permission to re-publish these pictures.


Ivor Tiefenbrun Receiving a Very Long Round of Applause After His Speech

Machines Which Insert Surface Mount Electronic Components Onto Circuit Boards
Main Factory Floor
Special Edition LP12 (note, no "n of 40" branding on this one)
Linn Home Main Room
Klimax Exakt Demo
Highland Park Whisky Sampling Session
And here are all my own photos collected into the one post:

Visitor Passes - Front Size

Visitor Passes - Rear Side

Admiral Fallow Gig at Merchant Square, Glasgow

Exakt 350 Rear Panel

Goodie Bag Contents

Anniversary LP12 on Highland Park Barrel

Anniversary LP12 Plinth

Anniversary LP12 Highland Park

Klimax Exakt DSM Front

Klimax Exakt DSM Rear

Morning Demo of the Highland Park Anniversary LP12 in the Klimax Room of Linn Home

In the Museum - a Prototype Passive Crossover for the Komri - note at that time the speaker name was Komrie

Main Room at Linn Home

In the Museum - Cutaway Majik Isobarik

In the Museum - Sketches of rejected designs for LK range - there were 10s of pages

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