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Friday 19 June 2015

"Portable" Project Part Three

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So we have a box, some vents, and amp and some crossovers.

Next up was cutting and fitting of the connections panel.  This covers a pair of RCA phono inputs, a combined mains socket / fuse / switch and a USB port for charging.  This was cut from a small black perspex panel, drilled to fit etc.

The full sheel of perspex with the appropriate holes drilled, but before cutting.  It has protective sheets on both sides

All the holes drilled, cut to size and slots cut to fit all the necessary bits

Soldering the input cables to the RCA phono sockets for the connection panel
The panel was then fitted with all its parts and then screwed into the main box.  No sealant necessary as the centre amp chamber is ventilated anyway.

This will be the outside, once installed

Connection panel all cabled up

Installed and cabled up - here both the inlet and outlet vent holes can be seen, and the 3 holes through to one of the speaker chambers

The white plug is actually the USB charger - the cable running over the top and then into the USB connection on the connector panel
Here the crossover, power amp, speaker cables, input cables, volume control, connection panel, mains sockets and USB charger are all in place, as is the rear panel warm air vent.  Output speaker cables not yet silicon sealed into place.  Note Linn black interconnects and bi-wiring of amp to speaker crossovers (the crossovers require bi-wiring as that's how the Mission 773e rear connections were arranged)
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