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Sunday 20 June 2021

LINN's "Classic" Klimax System Hub (2018 Variant) Gets A Surround Module

The recent introduction of the new Linn Klimax System Hub (reviewed here) means there are a few of the previous versions appearing on the used market - a small glut means great pricsd so the 'Musings system has had a nice upgrade to the "front end".

As usual with Linn, the ability to process surround sound is an option and requires a module to be installed into a System Hub (nee Exakt DSM).  Unfortunately for me, the module from my existing Akurate EDSM is not compatible with the Klimax System Hub, so a visit to the dealer was necessary to install the new unit. 

Being a 2020 version of the classic Klimax System Hub, this example has been built on Linn's newest component placement machines and their vapor-phase soldering machine.

Below are some photos of the install steps.

The System Hub is flipped upside down for access to the circuit boards - lifting off the heavy alloy baseplate reveals the Dynamic PSU on the left, an alloy wall for sepration, the main board across the rest of the unit and the HDMI daughter board bottom left

Here the HDMI daughter board has been removed to allow access to some of the mounting components.  The metal stand-off in the centre of the board is replaced as it now needs to support 2x boards and the screws centre and right along the bottom edge of the picture need to be replaced with new stand-offs

The new surround processor module is positioned on the newly installed stand-offs

HDMI daughter board re-installed and the ribbon cables reconnected.  Time for a last check on torque of the mounting screws and for the baseplate to be refitted.

For contrast, the install in the Akurate Exakt DSM (System Hub) is quite different as it uses a multi-pin connector to sit directly on to the HDMI board. One picture below for comparison, full series of pictures here.


  1. Are those the new boards in your new KSH? Blue substrate indicates this? They were prepared using the new soldering process as well?

  2. This is a 2020 built version, so yes it has been built with the new component placement machines and the new soldering machine - thanks for the prompt I've added this info to the post.
    Blue is the normal colour for a Klimax board across the generataions - so that doesn't indicate the new machines.
    There's a picture of an older Exakt DSM at the link below - you can see the board looks more crowded due to the "larger" size of the components. https://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm250/maryna1109/music/D7K_4161.jpg