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Friday 24 March 2023

Bristol Hifi Show 2023 - Best One Make System - Lyngdorf


Having heard some reasonable music from Lyngdorf components in the past, I think this is the first time I've heard a complete system from this brand.  The electronics follow the usual Lyngdorf form - the TDAI-3400 is an integrated streamer / DAC / integrated amplifer in a smart, well constructed case.  The Cue-100 speakers though, are a little different to the norm and therefore somewhat refreshing.  The have a slightly curved front baffle and a deeply curved enclosure mounted on a wood pole tripod.  The shape is pleasing in a slightly old skool kind of way and the finish is fantastic.  A "sock" can be stretched over from the top down to hide the drivers.  The tweeter is the increasing common AMT variety - Lyngdorf have paired this with the unusual 6.5" Purfi driver that has what looks like a creased / damaged surround. The rear of the enclosure has 2x passive bass radiators.

Well this system was great to listen to - very easy to listen to (but not in a slow, lazy way), everything was covered well and toe tapping was instinctive. Bass is deep for the size of the enclosures and the whole thing sounded effortless. £4k for the electronics and £10k for the speakers. I went back for 2 more listens just to make sure that it wasn't the music that was flattering this system, but no, all was well.

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