"What a refreshingly honest blog about listening to music through hi-fi. So happy to see views based upon the enjoyment of music rather than so-called sound 'quality'." - Peter Comeau, Director of Acoustic Design at Mission / Wharfedale

Friday 24 March 2023

Bristol Hifi Show 2023 - Highly Commended - Moor amps


Moor amps sprung a surprise at Bristol that might mean they have to reconsider their branding.  The lovely looking Ascalon speakers in a very late prototype version. Respendent in their blue paintwork and being fed by Auralic and Moor's own Angel pre and power amps the Volt equipped speakers were flowing, musical, balanced, effortless and drew you in to the tunes.  Very good indeed.


  1. Thank you so much 😊. So happy you liked them.
    For more information www.MoorAmps.co.uk or visit us at the North West Audio Show (Cranage) in June

  2. You're welcome, enjoyed listening to your system