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Thursday 28 February 2013

Linn Forum Users - Which Speakers Do They Own?

I ran a month long poll on the Linn forum for users to vote for the Linn speakers they own.

Here are the top level results:

Overall Results for stereo speakers (subwoofers and centres excluded).  Total votes cast = 296

This might give a clue as to the return on investment (or not) that comes with designing a speaker as expensive as the Komri.

Overall by Count

Overall by Percent

And the Top 10:

Akurate 242 = 25
Keilidh = 25
Ninka = 23
Keltik = 22
Majik 109 = 21
Majik 140 = 18
Akurate 212 = 17
Katan = 14
Espek = 13
Majik Isobarik = 12

More detailed analysis can be seen on the forum posting:


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