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Tuesday 5 March 2013

Scalford Wigwam Hifi Show - First Report

Here's a quick summary of our experience exhibiting at Scalford (we being myself and local Naimist Richard):

Pictures from the weekend.  As I was exhibiting I didn't get around too many of the rooms to have a listen, but these give you a flavour:

My system packed up in the car (we had to unpack the Isoplats from their box as their just wasn't room to squeeze them in otherwise):

All Linn system (in 2 channel guise) set up in Syndicate Room 19 (according to the room plans) or Syndicate Room 18 (according to the door) - either way, carrying the M140s up 2 floors wasn't much fun:

We were busy with listeners all day.  We had at least 20 people who came back for a second listen, including 1 guy who stayed for an hour each time and 2 guys who stayed about 45 minutes each time:

Some feedback on the Wigwam, CyrusUnofficial and Linn forums:

"Sunbeamgls - Isoplat man - loved this, the AdamK equivalent of last year trading Naim for Linn branded! Similar sound powerful and so clean."
"From a few mutterings I've heard I think you shocked a few hi-fi brand snobs, and that's got to be a good thing."
"Congratulations on your room today - your Linn system was the one I would have listened to all day if I had the choice."
"But was really impressed by your setup. Majik 140's sounded very good, for their price they really worked hard. I'm grateful you brought it because it allowed me to wander round with something linn fresh in mind to compare to others. I think your system stood up very well against many of the systems available."
"Loved the Linn Akurate DS. Not a big fan of full Linn systems, but as a source it was for me the best digital source at the show"
"Sunbeamgls Majik room made time disappear."
"Absolutely loved your system at the show yesterday. I remember that you asked some months ago here on the Wam whether or not people would be interested in hearing an 'all-Linn' set-up at the show, and I replied that I was sure that they would.  How right I was! - those speakers of yours are absolutely magnificent."

"Very nice and I hear good things from those who went to Scalford who really liked your set up"
"I have to agree with them, first time hearing Linn. Must say I liked it very much...."
"Thanks for making the effort. Sounded very tidy when I looked in, playing the Nils Lofgren Live iirc. Good stuff!"

Some of the other 47 systems playing at the show:

We found exhibiting at the show to be hard work and it needs a suprising amount of prep work (planning what to take, building a play list, making sure there's 2 copies of the music available on different formats, making sure that both laptops - one as a back up - have the same software, printing playlists and door signs, building a checklist). Then stripping the system down and boxing everything, then building everything at the other end up 2 flights of stairs, then reversing it all at the end was all pretty exhausting, but we must have played the system to at least 300 people through the day and most seem to enjoy what they were hearing.  This show is typically anti-Linn other than the LP12, so it was good to open some minds (maybe).  Overall it felt quite rewarding, and I did get to listen to my system for 8 hours in one day, that never happens at home!

In the room we had there was a touch too much bass - probably down to the chipboard floor and the very flimsy end wall of the room.  It wasn't disastrous and I was quite pleased with the sounds we were making, given that we had the whole thing up and running and as best as we could get it in the room in about 2.5 hours.  If you've ever considered exhibiting but have not actually made the decision to do so, I'd encourage you to give it a go.

Now, a lot of boxes to unpack and wires to plug back in...

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