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Saturday 6 February 2021

Inside Linn's Akurate Kontrol/0/D Pre-Processor (Exotik DA)

 In the early years of the 21st Century Linn was still fully on board with multi-channel audio / surround sound with the Akurate Kontrol product.  They're back into surround again now, with the optional module of the Exakt DSMs - albeit with a lack of choice of centre speakers and no subs at all in the range - perhaps they'll arrive soon?

Introduced in 2006, the last dedicated (audio only, no video switching) pre-processor from Linn was initally branded Exotik and with the digital processing option, the Exotik +DA. About 3 years later, when Linn rationalised their products into three distinct tiers - Majik, Akurate and Klimax - the Exotik was re-branded as Akurate Kontrol. To distinguish this from the later stereo only Akurate Kontrol/1, the product is generally referred to as Akurate Kontrol/0. Part way through its life the power supply was changed to Dynamik which was also offered as an upgrade to existing products, hence the full nomenclature of the version in these pictures is Akurate Kontrol/0/D.

It was an excellent sounding processor and acquitted itsself well enough for stereo music to justify its place in the Akurate tier.  Covering Dolby ProLogic, Dolby Digital and DTS, it was equipped to offer audiophile grade cinema sound.  It was never directly replaced when Linn decided building its own fully licenced products was no longer cost effective at their sales volumes.  The latest foray into surround relies upon the use of a module built by a partner supplier.

The excuse for opening up this particular version was for the conversion to the workshop system colourscheme...


General View

The digital board (the " +DA" on the Exotik version)

Main board - notice top left that its origins are from the much earlier Kinos pre-processor product

This small board allows the user to choose between MM phono, MC phono or line level on one of the analogue inputs

Rear of the front panel / display

Across the main board

Mainboard dustscape

Refinished for the workshop system

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