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Saturday 12 April 2014

Chester Show 2014 - Classe & B&W

Here we have a Classe pre-amp / DAC, power amp and B&W 802 speakers being fed from the USB output on an Apple MacBook.  This was joint best of the systems we heard today (but we didn't get to every room).  I've not heard B&Ws sound this good before - they've always seemed to be part of a system that delivered syrupy warmth and a rather rosy outlook.  Note I said system here, not that all B&Ws always sound this way.
Anyway, today, on the end of this Classe digital system I heard real depth, tightly controlled bass and dynamics, sweetness without being dull, stunning female vocals presented rock solid in the centre of the room, clearly defined instruments and a truly musical flow.  I haven't heard Lou Reed's Walk On The Wild Side on every system I've listened to, but today was the best I've heard that track played to date.
Marvellous, very enjoyable.  Didn't hear anything particularly rock or bass driven, so there's more to hear with this combo, but it really did impress today. 

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