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Saturday 12 April 2014

Chester Show 2014 - Kudos, Naim, Bauer and Linn

Well, yet again, Kudos provided an excellent sounding system.  Whilst not in the league of the Classe / B&W system in terms of scale and detail retrieval, it was equally musical and very much a room you'd want to sit and spend some time in.
Sources were Bauer DPS turntable / Naim Aro arm / Dynvector XV1 or a Linn KDS/1 into a SuperNait amp and the not yet released Kudos X3 floorstanders.
We listened to Blues Company's Dark Day on the streamer and London Grammar's Hey Now on the turntable.  Both tracks were utterly compelling to listen to and fully enjoyable in all the usual hifi terms, but also on the basis of a musical performance worth paying attention to.  You may know that my local Naimist has the Kudos Super 20 speakers and they're a decent listen, and these X3s are clearly from the same stable and are effectively a baby Super 20 in the way they sound and perform.
Available from July 2014 they're just under £2200 a pair.  Note that the speaker cables feeding them (Chord Sarum Array) were about twice the price of the speakers themselves...

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