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Monday 16 June 2014


A mix of static displays in one end, including this see-through power amp and cable lifters (yes, really, but if they're any good why weren't they in use?) and a system playing at the other end.

A Trio turntable fed through the Abyssound electronics into the Aion speakers (referred to as "banana speakers" on the Wam).  The speakers are at least an interesting design.  There is just the one driver then a folded horn that goes down behind the front panel, curves around, flairs out and exits on the top panel.  Not sure what you do about getting the bass levels right if your ceiling is too high or too low...

The room host asked how much I thought they were worth.  Well they looked like they might have some silly price like £10k a pair, but sounded like they were worth somewhat less than £1k.  He didn't seem too bothered by this verdict, but was proud to announce that they cost £4.5k but could be bought for £4k on the day.  They were fine with simple music, but anything remotely complex and this system just got in a muddle.  Rather disappointing.


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