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Friday 21 February 2014

Bristol Show 2014 - Arcam and Q Acoustics

Arcam disc spinner and AV receiver into Concept 20 then Concept 40.  Good range  of tunes played, but annoyingly most of them changed to the next track about halfway through. The 20s are very good for 350 - sharp, controlled, tuneful. Theyre quite expensive when you add the stands. 

The 40s (which are the floorstanders) add weight but not as much as you might hope. Both image very well. If someone said the Concept 40 was 600 to 700 pounds I'd be impressed.  But at 1k theyre not the knock out I would hope for. They genuinely did have a rubbish room though, with a semi-domed ceiling. Not helped by the Q staff nattering and giggling with some mates at the back of the room. Why can't these people step out into the corridor? !?

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