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Friday 21 February 2014

Bristol Show 2014 - Dali, Anthem and PS4

In this room they were playing movies on a decent flat screen TV using an Anthem receiver and this tiny speakered Dali 5.1 system.  That subwoofer you can see above is only about 35cm cubed and the little cast aluminium boxes on lollipop sticks are about 10cm high and 6cm deep.  They have wood fibre cones to the mid driver (not sure what the difference is between wood fibre and paper, but it sounds like it might be more rigid.

Usually something this compact and "lifestyle" sounds thin, hard, harsh and rather unpleasant. However, for movies, this lot was rather impressive.  I know Anthem have a good reputation so that will be contributing, but, to be fair, this tiny little set up gave a really good account of itsself and if that was what I needed in terms of space or cost, this would do very nicely indeed.  No music heard when I was in there so that's a bit caveat, but for TV or film this was a big, and pleasant, surpise. 

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