Friday, 21 February 2014

Bristol Show 2014 - Heed, The White Room

Possibly best decorated room with white sheen drapes all-round and the black and white spotty rugs hiding the usual hotel room carpet challenge. Sounding thin and lightweight with the Foo Fighters on the TT. Much richer sound from mac mini. Enigma speakers remind me a bit of Shahinians.   I do like the all white simplicity of the kit, but not sure that glossy white plastic fronts look very expensive.
Often at these shows the room host will be seen to exaggeratingly nodding their head, rocking their bodies or waggling their toes.  The Heed room took this to excess with our host clearly out to prove how rocking the Foo Fighters were sounding - with head banging and air guitar to prove it.  On the flip side, he did say that the Enigma 5 speakers "won't suit everyone" due to their sloping baffle which disperses the sound into the room.

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