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Monday 24 February 2020

Bristol Hifi Show 2020 - Best Value For Money Award - Rega Research

There's always something reasurringly down to earth and straightforward about the Rega approach to playing music at home.  Their rooms are always simply presented - and I mean this in a complementary way - they have reasonably priced equipment on which they play a good range of music genres.  This year was an exception though - they've really outdone themselves this time with the great wall graphics but more importantly, with the system on demonstration.

Featuring, of course, a turntable at its heart, Rega have clearly grasped a few things that are needed to catch the attention of a new audience, a new generation. 1 - make it simple - here we have a turntable - arm - cartridge - amplifier - speakers - cables all in one package; 2 - show it in a realistic setting with ordinary furniture with no bling nor high priced accessories; 3 - make it compact to fit in with most young people's living space; 4 - make sure its cool (turntable) and sounds great; 5 - price it at a very attractive level and that's the big news here, without the stands Rega have fitted this right under the magic £1k level at £999.  No price on the stands yet, but they look to be made from MDF so shouldn't be too expensive.

So that's the story here. A full, cool and vinyl based system - the P1, IO amp and new Kyte speakers for under a grand. And it sounded fine. No harshness, plenty of information, tuneful. Great.
Well done Rega for understanding what's needed for a new generation. System One - go and have a listen.

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