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Monday 24 February 2020

Bristol Hifi Show 2020 - Turntable of the Show Award - Kuzma and Living Voice

The Stobi R turntable from Kuzma was playing through valve based electronics into Living Voice Auditorium speakers. For these ears, this was the best sounding turntable at the show, and possibly the best sounding valve electronics too.  The LV Auditoriums are a perennial favourite but they don't always seem to get the front end they deserve. But here today it all came together very well - it's one of those buttery smooth systems, but without the lack of dynamics that description normally implies. A very enjoyable system and one I could've listened to for a good while.

In the background can be seen Living Voice's Pure Music battery power supply - this converts AC mains to DC into the batteries and then re-generates the AC mains from those batteries, essentially an attempt to isolate the system from mains bound noise and instability.

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