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Monday 24 February 2020

Bristol Hifi Show 2020 - Highly Commended Award - Hegel and Amphion

Keep it real with Hegel and Amphion.

Most people don't have room for an enormous hifi system.  Its great to see and hear those systems at this kind of show, but its great to also find a system that's being presented as a real and achievable solution for the majority. So here we have the compact Hegel 120 streamer / DAC / amplifier and the small but very well built Amphion Argon 1 speakers. And that's it. But sensibly they were displayed in a real World scenario - a compact furniture unit with room for the hifi, a disc player / TV box / gaming console, a TV and a few homely touches.

Did it sound good? Absolutely. Very good indeed.  Even using this kind of furniture you can see how it would work as its not that dissimilar to a regular hifi rack / speaker stand structure, but it looks like furniture, designed for the average room and use case. Opposite was a comfy sofa so we settled down to some tunes. A few different genres were played and all of them rendered very enjoyably. Then we switched over to the Yello Live in Berlin concert Blu-Ray disc and enjoyed that too. Good stuff at a sensible price.

Thanks Hegel / Amphion for showing how to sell hifi without scaring away the punters.

Yello Live in Berlin

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