"What a refreshingly honest blog about listening to music through hi-fi. So happy to see views based upon the enjoyment of music rather than so-called sound 'quality'." - Peter Comeau, Director of Acoustic Design at Mission / Wharfedale

Music / Podcasts

Spotify streaming audio - get it free with adverts or get 320kbps quality by subscribing for £10 per month.  Subscription allows streaming to a Logitech Squeezebox and downloading of tracks to your mobile device.  Fantastic range of music available and you can build playlists to share with others.

DJ Eros Podcast and live streams: http://theperfectmix.fm/ - Progressive House and Trance

Pink Floyd tribute band who concentrate on the music and give it a rock edge - Think Floyd

Pink Floyd tribute band who re-create the sound and the show - The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Mark Doyle of Hed Kandi and Fierce Angel fame - a two hour mix of house.  Not hifi due to the low bitrate, but a good choice of choons, as they say :)   https://www.mixcloud.com/fierceangelradio/