"What a refreshingly honest blog about listening to music through hi-fi. So happy to see views based upon the enjoyment of music rather than so-called sound 'quality'." - Peter Comeau, Director of Acoustic Design at Mission / Wharfedale

Tuesday 31 March 2015

Scalford System 2015 - Feeback From Around the Forums

Here are the comments from around the forums (I've listed them all, where I've found them - both positive and negative):


Dasher: I think that you surprised quite a few people yesterday! Congratulations - it worked really well


Ginger: A digital set up of Fiio/MF VDAC, tisbury passive and Linn Katans (all for under a grand according to it's owner) sounding lovely, especially at this money. I've heard none of this stuff before but the speakers disappearing, imaging nicely, again unforced, out of the boxes, I could live with that no problem. 

Muzzer: Ginger I agree about some of those big money systems being amongst the poorer sounding systems, also was not really impressed by the much hyped Event Opals and did not rate the Linn Katan active setup much.

Joolzdee: My first, but won't be my last Scalford show.
Favourites for me were...in no particular order....
Room 200 with the Mac mini/ Grimm active speakers
Room 201 with the Royd Sapphires. What a big sound!
Room 202... Activ Katans
and Room 22... High spec LP12, Gato, Art Alnico speakers (stunning!!)
Well done to all exhibitors though.....plenty of good sounds and lots of hard work too!!
Thanks everyone.

TonyL: I enjoyed a couple of systems mentioned rather negatively upthread, the active Katans & Events both sounded good to me, I've certainly never heard passive Katans sound anything like that good before, but in both cases I managed to bag a good front and centre seat.

Foot Tapper: I made a point of popping in for a listen yesterday and was really pleasantly surprised. For such compact speakers, I thought that the sound was punchy, fast, tuneful and went surprisingly deep. The very small source components were also digging far more of the music out than I had expected. Not being a fan of Linn's current electronics, I really wasn't expecting much, but the system far, far exceeded my expectations. In fact it was great! Thanks for making the effort to set it up so well.   (also, from the same contributor on the Naim Forum: Your room sounded amazingly good this year, especially for such a compact system.  
It must have been the active amplification for the speakers.
Either that, or the carefully selected grade of goose down in your bass traps

jhud1952: Couldn't agree more - truly excellent sound from such a compact system.


hifinutt: so good to catch up with quite a few from cu and the rooms sounded good with the opals and I must say sunbeams room was absolutely brilliant as usual. those katans with the linn and flac source was very holographic. well whatever you did it was magic !!!!  As you know sunbeam was using his (Tisbury) in his marvellous set up at the wam show and it sounded pretty fine

mickbald: Sunbeams set up. How can you possibly get so much sound for £1000? Tiny speakers delivering the impossible, and where was the subwoofer hidden? Sunbeam never stood up while I was there so I have my suspicions

maro73: Some systems to point out
1. Sunbeam .. World beater system
2. The mingda system was really good
3. There were some high high end systems , good to listen to but in a house impossible , unless you wife is blind or likes hifi

abozo: sunbeamgls: very impressive sound/pound. Your system was making a lot us think!

Dan1502: Having been meaning to find your room all weekend Edun telling me how good it was gave me a nudge to go and find it on Sunday afternoon. It ended up being a much needed break and I sat there relaxing for half an hour or so up until the point I noticed nobody else could get in the room so I moved on for their sakes.

Callen24: Sunbeam system was one of the few able to create a soundstage, I only heard 13 rooms, but most of them sounded like the sound was in the speakers, not around them....The two packed duvets, in the corner, and the closed curtains suggest to me that sunbeam spent a lot of time thinking about what he was doing. He has obviously had an affect because the price of katan speakers has gone up a few notches, on the bay, since scaffold.

CrimsonDonkey: Loads of cred for sunbeams room he did a great job


Petrat: ... and Sunbeamgls ... those little Aktiv Katans will stay long in my memory.

syep2001: Sunbeamgls - Probably them most relaxed room i went in all day, smooth low volume, and the female vocal that came out of the Katans sounded very nice.

JamPal (nee hifiwigwam at the time): However, it was some of the smaller rooms which really got me thinking. SunbeamGLS's little Linn Katans fed from a FIO was absolutely stunning, I stayed a long while in there.

Steve H: The speakers I enjoyed listening to most today was the Linn Katan in room 202 followed by the little Harbeths P3. The produce to my ears, a sound that is fast and clear. I could have stayed much longer to enjoy the music and conversation.


naim_nymph: This system was top draw imho, the small speakers didn't challenge the acoustics of the room, no colourisation, just easy on the ear music. If there was a prize for giant killing this system would have got 1st place.
Wanted to stay longer but much to go see and hear : )

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Monday 30 March 2015

HiFi Wigwam Scalford Show Report 2015 - As An Exhibitor

After working through the check list and packing the car in 2 short stints in between the rain, on the way just after 1pm, arriving just before 4pm.  Checked in then my brother arrived just in time to unload the car.  We had a small ground floor room in the new block which had the expected twin beds set up, so not much room for boxes and kit.

Once the car was unpacked we headed for the bar, chatted with a few wammers but it was fairly quiet there.  Then we got the kit out of boxes and up and running, just so we could be sure everything was working, which it did straight away - I guess it took about 90 mins elapsed time once all the unwanted boxes and spares were back in the car.  We listened for a bit, decided it sounded OK, but there's no point in going for a result when the beds are in the room.  Got the bits n pieces off to the room to contribute to the charity bring and buy hifi stuff stall.

So a brief wander around a couple of rooms on the same floor, then off to the bar for a drink to join the curry.  A bit after 7pm the curry was available and the dining room filled up quickly.  Beef, chicken and veg curry plus rice, naan and bhajis etc., on a help yourself basis (so that'll be 2 platefuls thanks!) went well with the very well presented hand pulled Doom Bar ale.  More natter over the curry.

Then for the very relaxed wander around the rooms that were up and running to try and get as many done over the quieter hours of the evening - Sunday is always too busy to get around everything, particularly when there's a room to look after - even when there are 2 too share the work.  See separate report (to come) about the rooms I really enjoyed at the show.

Can we not have the show over the clock change weekend next year please?  :-)  Losing an hour doesn't help - not a biggie, but a preference!

We were up at 7:30am (BST), showered etc., then down to the decent breakfast where we learnt a good deal about reel to reel professional tape machines, tape mastering, the carelessness of the industry when it comes to preserving masters, how to unstick gummed up tape reels etc. etc from Lodgesound.  Didn't realise it was so complex!

Back to the room and we started with furniture moving (its about 8:45 now with visitors due around 10:00) to clear out the beds and bring in the chairs.  With there being 2 of us, we didn't wait or call for hotel staff, just got on with it.  The bed bases went into the en-suite, one mattress stayed in the room and one went out of the room.  The small bedside tables came in handy - I was thinking for putting small lamps on them, but it turned out they were great for creating bass traps in the front corners of the room.

We messed about for some time moving the speakers too and fro to try and get the bass boom in the room to a minimum - being in a very square room is only exceeded by a completely cubic room.  We did at least have a concrete floor to spike the speakers down onto though, so that helped.  The best place for the speakers was a long way out into the room and would've left only one row of seats - never going to be enough for visitors.  We pushed the speakers back closer to the wall again (about 45 cms from the wall) and stuffed socks into the rear ports on the Katans.  The bass boom was gone, but so was the music - the life was sucked out of it.

So the bedside table went into the front corners and were stacked with bean bags underneath and duvets on top.  This was a vast improvement, but still not enough, so the bean bags went on top of the tables and the spaces underneath were packed with pillows, with one of the mattresses propped up against the back wall of the room.  Believe me, if you want a good sound, make sure the house you buy doesn't have a square room!  At this point we were happy enough to say we'd done enough for a reasonable result - and enough room for 2 x 3 rows of seats for visitors.  I noticed that the room sounded at its best with 4 to 6 people in the room.  Curtains closed and some low level lighting to help the atmosphere :-)

First arrivals at around 9:50am (show opens at 10!) and we have 2 or 3 folks in the room at a time until around 10:15 when it starts to get busy, then we have a steady stream throughout the day through to 4-30pm.  Sometime there are 2 or 3 people, sometimes we have 12 in (game of sardines!) and sometimes folk try and open the door and give up trying to get in - maybe some of them came back later.  We did have a few that opened the door when there was room to get in, but decided they didn't like what they heard (which is, as I've said a good few times before at other shows, not a good way to make any evaluation, particularly when you consider how much effort goes into getting the speakers to just the right place in the room).

Throughout the day we are lucky enough to get several re-visits and some come back for a third session, with lots of really encouraging comments about the system.  Also, I noted that pretty much every visitor made the effort to smile, nod or say thank you as they leave the room - I think that was a massive improvement on previous years when many folks never bothered.

The FiiO was on shuffle going through the playlist here, but during the quieter times a few people asked for particular tracks to be played - very happy to do this!  Brother John and I took turns to look after the room and tour around the other systems.  The day whizzed by (it always surprises me this, the 7 hours of showtime seem to stretch out in front, but then it all disappears so quickly) and we enjoyed the music (mostly, I guess John wasn't that happy with some of the dance tracks on the playlist, but he knows how to move it on...).  Having technology that just gets on with playing the music makes the day quite easy (and give time to answer visitors' questions) and takes the heat out of deciding what to play next as the machine just gets on with shuffling through what I've already decided would be suitable.  It does take a bit more time in advance of course, so adds a bit of pressure in advance, but removes so much of it on the day. We did get some feedback on the music choice - particularly that it was "real" music choices rather than simple well recorded jazz-lite which is what seems to be always on offer at the commercial shows.

We had an empty room at 4:30 but then at 4:40 we had a couple of returnees who requested a few tracks and shared their thoughts on the day (they'd managed to visit every room - that's quite an impressive feat and bit of organisation, particularly as several rooms were impossible to squeeze into for a good part of the day, being so popular).  We were very happy for the re-visit, but with a 2.5 hour drive to look forward to unfortunately had to politely ask them to leave at 5pm so we could pack away.

Amazingly the packing was done in an hour and everything was back into the car.

Must say a huge thanks as follows:

James and the organising team at Hifi Wigwam
Those that organised the raffle and/or supplied prizes
Those that worked on the other charity efforts
The hotel (they're so tolerant, AND they now serve hand pulled Doom Bar)
Visitors to the room (who were happy to come through the door despite the brands listed on the door)
The kind comments from visitors about what they heard in the room
All the exhibitors who put in so much effort and are happy to help each other out
JVS for the pies and the excellent Wam-taxi services
And anyone else I should be thanking, but have forgotten

But most of all, thanks to my brother John who supported the room with box shifting, many hours of room sitting and assisting with the beer drinking and to my fantastic family for giving us the time to go out and do something a bit daft with the weekend  :-)

Here's a picture of Room 202 at the show:


On the bench, from left to right:

First (on the perspex stand): FiiO X3 portable hi-res player, loaded with FLAC files, most of which are 16 bit CD rips, but a handful of 24 bit files too. Music chosen on the basis of music I enjoy first, but then narrowed down based on production . SQ qualities. This was being used purely as a digital transport. Using the coax digital output the signal was fed down a Chord ProDAC Pro Gold digital coax cable to the DAC.

Second (small silver box): a Musical Fidelity PSU-2 which is a linear power supply for the DAC

Third (small black box): a Musical Fidelity V-DAC 1 which feeds its output down a pair of Linn Silver interconnects (silver is the model name based on the colour of the sleeve, there's no actual silver involved) to the pre-amp

Fourth (wooden front with silver knobs): Tisbury passive pre-amp - basically a source selection switch and a potentiometer in a box. This was connected by Linn Silver interconnects to the power amp

Fifth (large blue box): Linn AV5125 multi-channel power amp (125W per channel). In here there are active crossover cards. For each channel the signal from the pre-amp is split into treble and bass frequencies before the amplifiers, then the treble signals go to one channel of the amplification, bass to another. The signal is then sent down one pair of speaker cables (each Linn K400 speaker cable has 2 pairs of conductors) directly to the appropriate driver in each speaker (there are no crossovers in circuit in the speakers). So 4 channels of the power amp are in use - 2 power amps for each speaker, 1 power amp per driver.

The electronics are all on Mission Isoplats and a single shelf and legs of Quadraspire QAV (with a home made brace halfway down the legs)

Speaker cables are Linn K400, which, at 5m each are too long for the room, but we laid them in S shapes rather than coiling.

Speakers are Linn Katans with the back panel connections set up for active operation. They are on the original Linn stands which are spiked, adjusted to be level and no rocking movement. Katans blu-tacked to the stands.

Corners of the room heavily damped with bedding and bean bags (we ended up with more than shown in the photo) and a mattrass against the rear wall. Being a perfectly square room is a real pain! Took us about an hour to get the sound to the best we could with the room we had and the materials available. We even tried socks in the Katan's rear ports for a couple of minutes, but that killed the sound. We also had the system playing quietly the evening before and from about 7:30 on Sunday morning.

Power cables were all standard issue stuff, including a normal extension lead. The Linn amp has been refinished in MG Trophy Blue - one of the reasons the system has been so cost effective as the amp was very scruffy when I bought it, so it cost me about 55% of what they normally sell for.

I mention all the details, which you might think is very long winded, as I think all the little bits add up to a better total.

Hope that helps.

Link here to pictures of setting up the Katans and installing the active cards in the amp: http://audiophilemusings.blogspot.co...th-av5125.html

And another picture by Phil Morgan, with the full bass trap treatment (and a decent camera by the look of it!)

Friday 27 March 2015

Surviving the Wigwam HiFi Show At Scalford 2015

The room list has been published here: http://thehifishow.com/guide do your research now and you can prioritise the rooms you want to visit based on the types of equipement in use.
A few tips:
In the rooms you're interested in, try a few different seats in the room as the set up won't be perfect and you might find yourself in a room null / peak and not get a good impression so move about a bit.  Also try a minimum of 2 tracks before deciding to stay a bit or move on.  Mark up your guide before and during so you know which rooms to go back to.
It a bit of a warren - treat the building as 2 halves - the old building which has most of the larger rooms - ground and first floor, with the stairs to the first floor being just opposite the reception.  The new building is best accessed through one of 2 less than obvious doors - see the guide linked above.  One is just to the right of the Private Dining Room and involves crossing the courtyard to the door diagonally to the right.  The other is to the left of the stairs at the left of the private dining room you go straight through 3 doors and then turn right along a covered walkway and through another door into the new section.  Once in the new section its essentially a 2 floor L shape so you can work along one floor, change floors and work back along the other floor.    The only anomilies to this are the Gun Room / Rutland Room on the ground floor and Syndicates 23 and 24 on the first floor, so watch out for those.
If you want to maximise your time, take some sarnies as its a fair schlep back to the "restaurant" which will be selling burgers and sarnies.
May be start and the far end and work back, if you're there first thing as many just wander into the rooms nearest the doors and they get crowded

Be polite enough to smile / nod / acknowlege the room hosts.  You might like what you hear, it might by OK or you might think its awful - that doesn't matter, the room hosts deserve a thank you for spending their own time and cash to be there.

Sunday 22 March 2015

Steven Wilson At The Troxy, London. March 2015

Really enjoyed the gig at the Troxy this week - much more than I thought I would.

The venue is magnificent - I assume previously it was a cinema - its a real art-deco joy (if you like that sort of thing!). Can't really comment on how it behaves from a sound quality point of view as I was near the back underneath the surprisingly low balcony ceiling, where it was OK enough.

PA was good quality, if just a touch too loud for the size of the venue. They were using rear speakers too, which was an interesting touch - they mostly pipe effects such as waves and rain through these, but backing vocals too from time to time. Light show fairly straight forward and one that was to add to the mood of each song rather than a show in itself. About 3/4 of the way through the gig a thin semi-translucent curtain came down in front of the band and that added to the lighting effects, in addition to being used as a screen for various moving images. The rest of the time the large screen behind the band was used either as part of the light show or for moving images of the girl-in-a-field, waves on a beach, grainy photos from childhood variety.

The band were very together (which can't be easy with this kind of music), the wild variety of light and shade, tempo changes, key changes etc., were all on show, very well executed. The way the music changes so much I have found difficult to enjoy in the past, but bringing it to life helped understand it better. Steven's singing was spot on and the whole band was passionate.

Really enjoyed the gig overall, much more than expected. It was also good to feel like a younger member (at 50!) of the 80% male audience.

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Saturday 21 March 2015

The Hifi Wigwam Scalford Show 2015: Room 202 Playlist


Here's the kit list we're exhibiting at the show this year, in Room 202:

FiiO X3
Chord Prodac Gold coax cable
Musical Fidelity V-DAC 1 with V-PSU 2
Linn Silver interconnect (its only a description of the sleeve, no silver involved)
Tisbury passive pre-amp
Linn Silver interconnect
Linn active crossover cards inside AV5125 (using 4 of the 5 power amp channels)
Linn K400 speaker cable
Linn Aktiv Katan speakers on their dedicated stands

Also, a fun system in the bar area on Saturday night.

And here is the list of 16 bit and 24 bit tracks that will be on shuffle and visitors will be able to ask for particular tracks from the list too:

$olal Psycho Girls & Psycow Boys (Haaksman & Haaksman remix) Electronica 2007
Afterlife Makes Me Feel Electronica 2000
Agnes Obel Fuel To Fire Jazz 2013
Ane Brun Words Folk/Rock 2011
Ane Brun Worship (Feat. Jose Gonzalez) Folk/Rock 2011
Annie Lennox Why Pop 1992
Art Of Noise Moments In Love Electronic 2008
Black Mighty Orchestra Ocean Beach (Cybophonia Cinematic Remix) Electronic 2008
Black Sabbath Planet Caravan Rock 2000
Blues Company Cold Rain Blues 1997
Blues Company Dark Day Blues 2007
Brendan Perry Death Will Be My Bride Folk 1999
Brendan Perry Medusa Folk 1999
Chris Rea Looking For A Rainbow Rock 1989
Chris Rea Texas Rock 1989
Daft Punk Give Life Back To Music Pop 2013
Daft Punk Lose Yourself To Dance Pop 2013
Damien Rice Cannonball Folk/rock 2003
Damien Rice Cold Water Folk/rock 2003
Damien Rice Delicate Folk/rock 2003
Damien Rice Volcano Folk/rock 2003
Dead Can Dance Agape Folk 2012
Dead Can Dance All In Good Time Folk 2012
Dead Can Dance American dreaming Folk 1994
Dead Can Dance Amnesia Folk 2012
Dead Can Dance Anabasis Folk 2012
Dead Can Dance Children Of The Sun Folk 2012
Dead Can Dance Opium Folk 2012
Dead Can Dance The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove (Remastered) Folk 1993
Dean Fraser Big Up/Armageddon Time Jazz/Reggae 1997
Dean Fraser Dick Tracy Jazz/Reggae 1997
Death Cab For Cutie Doors Unlocked And Open Indie Rock 2011
Death On The Balcony Them 3 Words (Original) Electronic 2012
Devon Allman Strategy Blues 2013
Devon Allman Time Machine Blues 2013
Dire Straits Fade to Black Rock 1991
Dire Straits Planet of New Orleans Rock 1991
Dirty Vegas Days Go By (Acoustic Mix) Chillout 2003
Disclosure feat London Grammar Help Me Lose My Mind Rock 2013
Eddi Reader Dear John Folk 1994
Elbow Asleep In The Back Indie 2001
Elbow Mirrorball Indie 2008
Elbow One Day Like This Indie 2008
Emily Barker Nostalgia Folk/Rock 2012
Erykah Badu Next Lifetime R&B 1998
Erykah Badu Rimshot (Intro) R&B 1997
FAC15 Stay With Me Til Dawn Electronica 2007
Fink Perfect Darkness (Live from Union Chapel, London Oct 5 2011) Rock/Indie 2012
Fink Warm Shadow (Live from Epicerie Moderne, Lyon â?? Oct 28 2011) Rock/Indie 2012
Flash And The Pan Walking In The Rain Pop 1990
Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way Rock 2011
Fleetwood Mac The Chain Rock 2011
Ganga Don't Wake Me Up Electronic 2006
Ganga Down But Up Electronic 2006
Ganga You Are My Sun Electronic 2006
Gare Du Nord Pablos Blues Dance 2002
Georges-Emmanuel Lazaridis Grandes Etudes de Paganini Etude III Classical 2007
Goldfrapp Let It Take You Away Electronica 2005
Goldfrapp Ooh La La Electronica 2005
Gotye Don't Worry We'll Be Watching You Rock/Indie 2012
Gotye Puzzle With A Piece Missing Rock/Indie 2012
Gotye State Of The Art Rock/Indie 2012
Holly Cole Train song Rock 1995
Hue & Cry Makin' Whoopee Jazz
I Am Kloot Hold Back the Night Rock 2013
I Am Kloot Let Them All In Rock 2013
Ian Shaw A Case of You Jazz 2006
It's Immaterial Driving Away From Home (Jims Tune) Pop 2008
Jakatta American Dream (Afterlife Mix) Electronica 2001
James Taylor Gaia Folk/Rock 1997
Jay Fisher Old Man McKeensley Folk/Rock
Jennifer Warnes Way Down Deep Pop 1992
Jenny Lewis Bad Man's World Country 2008
Jenny Lewis Pretty Bird Country 2008
Jesca Hoop Peacemaker Alternative 2012
Joan Armatrading Love And Affection R&B 1976
Joe Bonamassa Feelin' Good Blues/Rock 2009
John Lee Hooker The Healer (with Carlos Santana & The Santana Band) Blues 1989
John Martyn A Little Strange Folk/Rock 1996
John Martyn Feel So Good Folk/Rock 2000
John Martyn Sunshine's Better Folk/Rock 1996
Justin Currie No, Surrender Rock 2008
k.d. Lang Constant Craving Pop 1992
Kaiser Chiefs Everything Is Average Nowadays Indie 2007
Kaiser Chiefs Ruby Indie 2007
Keb’ Mo’ For What It's Worth Jazz 2004
Keb’ Mo’ Wake Up Everybody Jazz 2004
Keb’ Mo’ What's Happening Brother Jazz 2004
Kiki Dee Amoureuse Folk
Kiki Dee Don't Go Breaking My Heart Folk
London Grammar Hey Now Rock 2013
London Grammar Strong Rock 2013
Lorde Royals Pop 2013
Lux So La Ra Dsa Electronica 2000
Lyle Lovett North Dakota Alternative Country 1992
Lyle Lovett Record Lady Alternative Country 1994
Lyle Lovett She's Already Made Up Her Mind Alternative Country 1992
Malia & Boris Blank Magnetic Lies Jazz 2013
Malia & Boris Blank Tears Run Dry Jazz 2013
Marta Gomez Lucia Classical/Jazz 2009
Mary Gauthier Falling Out Of Love Country 2005
Massive Attack Three Electronic 1994
Michael Jackson Liberian Girl Pop 2001
Millenia Nova Beautiful Electronica 2000
Nalin & Kane Beachball (Joris Voorn Remix) Electronica 2010
Nick Drake 'Cello Song Folk 1969
Nick Drake Fly Folk 1970
Nick Harper The Kilty Stone Folk 2002
Nils Lofgren Black Books Rock 1997
Nils Lofgren Keith Don't Go Rock 1997
Nils Lofgren Wonderland Rock 1997
Nitin Sawhney Broken Skin Chill 1999
Nitin Sawhney Letting Go Chill 1999
Nitin Sawhney Nothing Chill 2001
Pete Alderton (She Said That) Evil Was Her Name Blues 2012
Pete Alderton Jesus In A Bottle Blues 2012
Pete Alderton Passing Ships Blues 2012
Pete Alderton Song For David (alternative version) Blues 2012
Peter Gabriel Don't Give Up Folk/Rock 2012
Peter Gabriel Mercy Street Folk/Rock 2012
Renegade Creation Bullet Blues 2012
Renegade Creation Nazareth Blues 2012
Renegade Creation Too Much Of Nothin' Blues 2012
Rhodes Grinding Wheel Rock 2013
Rhodes You Are The North Wind Rock 2013
Richard Thompson Easy There, Steady Now Folk 1994
Richard Thompson Mingus Eyes Folk 1994
Robben Ford Make Me Your Only One Blues 2002
Robben Ford Peace Love And Understanding Blues 2003
Robben Ford & The Blue Line I Don't Play Blues 1993
Robben Ford & The Blue Line Mystic Mile Blues 1993
Royksopp Sparks Drum & Bass 2002
Sam Cooke Chain Gang Blues
Sam Cooke Cupid Blues
Samantha James Breathe You In Electronica 2007
Samantha James Right Now Electronica 2007
Sarah McLachlan Hold On Folk/Rock 1994
Sarah McLachlan Ice Folk/Rock 1994
Sarah McLachlan Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiesto Mix) Folk/Rock 1997
Sarah McLachlan Wait Folk/Rock 1994
Seal Kiss From A Rose Soul 1995
Semisonic Closing Time Rock 1998
Semisonic Secret Smile Rock 1998
Shawn Colvin Kill The Messenger Rock 1992
Shawn Colvin Polaroids Rock 1992
Silverchair Israel's Son Rock 1995
Sinead O'Connor Nothing Compares 2 U Folk 2003
Slovo Killing Me Electronica 2004
Slovo Whisper Electronica 2002
Sofa Sweeper Voice Of Core Chill 2009
Solu The Way I Feel (Extended Mix) Electronica 2002
Solu Music Featuring Kimblee Fade (Full 12 Vocal)" Electronica 2003
Steely Dan Babylon Sisters Jazz/Rock 2000
Steely Dan Cousin Dupree Jazz/Rock 2000
Steely Dan Hey Nineteen Jazz/Rock 2000
Steely Dan Two Against Nature Jazz/Rock 2000
Steely Dan What A Shame About Me Jazz/Rock 2000
Stéphane Pompougnac Eden (with Nicole Graham) Electronica 2008
Stéphane Pompougnac Sunday Drive (feat. Charles Schillings - Remix) Electronica 2007
Stephen Fearing Dublin Bay Folk 1989
Stephen Fearing Welfare Wednesday Folk 1989
Sun Kil Moon Half Moon Bay Acoustic 2010
Sun Kil Moon Third And Seneca Acoustic 2010
Swing Out Sister Breakout Pop 2001
Talking Heads Road To Nowhere Pop 2008
Tchaikovsky 'Dance Of The Reeds' From The Nutcracker Classical 2003
Tears For Fears Mad World Pop 2007
Terri Walker This Is My Time Electronica 2006
The Australian Pink Floyd Show Time Rock 2004
The Black Keys Dead And Gone Blues/Rock 2011
The Black Keys Lonely Boy Blues/Rock 2011
The Black Keys Sister Blues/Rock 2011
The Blue Nile Let's Go Out Tonight Rock 1989
The Blue Nile The Downtown Lights Rock 1989
The Brand New Heavies Boogie (Eric Kupper Mix) Electronic 2004
The Cardigans Erase/Rewind Pop 1998
The Farm All Together Now Rock 1995
The Jeff Healey Band Blue Jean Blues Blues 1988
The Killers Human Rock 2008
The Memory Band Why Electronic 2007
The Ray Gelato Giants Exactly Like You Swing 1995
The Ray Gelato Giants That Old Black Magic Swing 1995
The Wailin' Jennys All The Stars Folk 2011
The Wailin' Jennys Bird Song Folk 2011
The Wailin' Jennys Swing Low Sail High Folk 2011
The Zutons Valerie Rock 2007
Thea Gilmore Bad Moon Rising Folk 2003
Thea Gilmore Ever Fallen In Love Folk 2003
Thea Gilmore God's Got Nothing On You Folk 2010
Thea Gilmore Icarus Wind Folk 2009
Thea Gilmore The Old Laughing Lady Folk 2003
Thievery Corporation Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes (feat. Emiliana Torrini) Electronica 2004
Thievery Corporation The Richest Man In Babylon Electronica 2010
Thievery Corporation Until The Morning Electronica 2010
Tiny Tunes Will You Catch Me (Twin Tunes Mix Edit) Electronic 2001
Tom Baxter Night Like This Jazz 2007
Tom Baxter Skybound Jazz 2007
Tom Jones Thunderball Soundtrack 2002
Tom Robinson The End Of The Rainbow Folk/Rock 1993
T-Rex Get It On Pop 2001
U2 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Rock 1995
U2 In A Little While (N.O.W Remix) Rock 2003
Underworld Caliban's Dream (feat. Dockhead Choir, Dame Everlyn Glennie, Only Men Alound, Elizabeth Roberts, Esme Smith, Alex Trimble) Electronic 2012
Underworld Sola Sistim Electronic 2002
Underworld Twist Electronic 2002
Wamdue Project Forgiveness (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Beach Angel '07 Mix) Electronica 2007
Was (Not Was) Papa Was A Rolling Stone Pop 1992
Willie Nelson What Is It You Wanted Country 1993
Willy Porter Cool Water Folk 1995
Willy Porter Jesus on the Grille Folk 1995
Wyclef Jean 911 (ft. Mary J. Blige - LP Version) Pop 2000
X-Press 2 Lazy (Original) Dance 2002
Yello Friday Smile Electronic 2009
Yello Get On Electronic 1999
Yello Indigo Bay Electronic 2003
Yello Kiss In Blue (Feat. Heidi Happy) Electronic 2009
Yello Ocean Club Electronic 1991
Yello Stay (Feat. Heidi Happy) Electronic 2009
Yello Till Tomorrow (Feat. Till Brönner) Electronic 2009
Yello X-Race Electronic 2009
Zero 7 Destiny Electronica 2001
Zero 7 Give It Away Electronica 2001
Zero 7 In The Waiting Line Electronica 2001