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Thursday 19 May 2011

Cambridge Audio NP 30 - At Last!

After over a year of waiting, the NP 30 is finally coming to the UK.

Priced at £399 it sits between the Logitech Touch and the Cyrus Stream X, but closest to the Logitech in both price and funcitionality, given that it contains a DAC.  It will be interesting to see how the sound quality compares.

What HiFi News Article
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Being uPnP based it doesn't need software installing on a PC or on a NAS and that's got to be a good thing.  Also good to see that it has a coax SP/DIF output so that other, better, DACs can be used when the time comes to upgraded.  Looks good too - purely on the cosmetics it looks like a more up market product compared to the DACMagic.

There's an Apple iWotsits app which looks fine in the screenshots - it will be interesting to see if it can overcome the issues of lag that many of these apps suffer from.

I look forward to the reviews.

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  1. I would not bother.