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Wednesday 8 February 2012

Meanwhile, In The World of Multi-Channel

I run a pre-pro in my system (a combined pre-amplifier and surround processor that needs to be connected to multiple power amps rather than having built-in power amps) as I like the idea of one decent quality system rather than splitting funds between AV and music systems (although if I had a big enough house and I'd won the lottery, that's exactly what I'd do).

Unfortunately, there's a restricted choice of such products out in the market.  I've used a Meridian Pro-Logic pre-pro for about 11 years and have recently moved to a Linn AV5103.  However, Linn are out of that market and Meridian are only producing products in the stratosphere.

So that leaves Rotel (good value), Arcam (apparently a great product, but not exactly budget) and other esoterics such as Parasound.  Now Bryston has a new product called the SP-3, launching at the Bristol Show later this month.  It won't be a bargain, but its good to see some more choice.  I look forward to trying to find a review!

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