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Monday 2 April 2012

PiFi Show - Scalford Hall, March 2012

Here are some piccies from the event - will write some wordS at some point, but suffice to say that this is quite some experience and demonstrates the huge variety of kit in this hobby, and the even wider variety of solutions and different approaches to sound that folk aim for.  What fun.

freefallrob and radical D.N.A - Heybrook TT2 / RB300 / Goldring Eroica LO LX phonostage / Cambridge Audio CA640P /  EPOS M12 speakers

Serious Listening
glowingtones - icon audio triode / croft pre-amp / SBT / MF V-DAC
glowingtones Klipsch RF82
John - Open Baffles DIY
SpeedySteve's Home Brew Horns

Shanling CD / Icon Audio EL84s and some T-Amps

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  1. Hi, thanks for posting a picy of our system at Scalford 2012(I'm freefallrob). For your info the cartridge was actually a Goldring Eroica LO LX, phonostage CA640P and speakers were EPOS M12i's.
    Hope you enjoyed the show, we are looking forward to next year!