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Thursday 23 January 2014


I'm not sure what this tells me (or you), but excluding the components that are still in the system, here are the heros to zeros of how long stuff has stayed in the system.  Bear in mind that some are only in there for a short time as I upgraded them quickly as I was experimenting (typically this is the streaming / DAC stuff) others because they just were a disappointment (Cyrus power amps).

So here goes the ageist list, based on how long stuff stayed around in the system:

19 years:  Linn Keilidh speakers; Thorens TD160BC MkII turntable with Mayware Formula IV arm

16 years:  Linn Centre Channel Tunebox; Meridian 541 pre-amp/processor

14 years:  Rotel RB850 Power Amps for left and right channels; Linn Centrik Mk1 Centre Speaker; Meridian 508.20 CD Player

12 years:  Aiwa AD-F800 Cassette Deck; basic Sony FM Tuner (can't remember the model number)

8 years: Linn Tukan rear speakers; Linn Left and Right Tunebox with toroidal power supply

7 years: Nagaoka MP20 MM cartridge; Linn Sondek LP12 turntable with Linn Ittok arm and Dynavector DV20HX MC cartridge

6 years: Pure DRX-701ES DAB tuner

5 years: Linn Rear Tunebox; Denon TU-660MkII FM tuner; Nagaoka MP11 MM Cartridge

4 years: Aiwa AD-F3500 cassette deck; Mission 771e rear speakers

3 years: Technics RS-M8 cassetted deck; Origin Live DC power supply for the LP12

2.5 years: Rotel RB970 centre channel power amp; Linn Left and Right Tunebox with Slimline power supply; Linn Valhalla power supply for LP12

2 years: Mission 760 rear speakers

1 year: NAD 9200 MM cartridge

10 months:  Cambridge Audio DACMagic; Cyrus DAC-X with PSX-R power supply

6 months:  Linn Kudos FM tuner

4 months: Linn AV5125 rear channel power amp; Linn AV5103 pre-amp/processors

4 weeks: Cyrus SmartPower rear channel power amps

1 week: Cyrus 8 power amps and PSX-R power supplies

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