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Saturday 12 April 2014

Chester Show 2014 - Dynaudio

Nice sounding Excite floorstanders here - fed by a SuperUnity from Naim.  In the same league as the Kudos X3 I think, somewhat different presentation with a good attempt at lower bass frequencies and a touch of top-end stridency from time to time.  But given the much lower cost front end of this system compared to the Kudos system, and impressive sound from the Dynaudios.
In the next room was a pair of the Xeo standmount wireless speakers.  They're active so all you need is a laptop to which you connect a USB transmitter and a mains supply to each of the speakers.  Very simple.  Would be great as a way of extending and existing system across multiple rooms.  Speakers sounding pretty good for their size and price, a touch boomy, but perhaps this was a room issue, perhaps not.  Enjoyable and very convenient - certainly the best sounding wireless system I've heard to date. 

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