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Monday 16 June 2014

CRANAGE HALL AUDIO SHOW JUNE 2014 - Lampizator, Van de Leur, Tektron Italia, hORNS.pl

OK, lets the get the first thing out of the way.  This is not a visually domestically acceptable system, at least not in our house.  I have a very understanding partner - she likes to hear good sounding music, but without a dedicated music listening room, this wouldn't be given house room by either of us.  The LampizatOr obsession with putting the power button / indicator into the "O" in every word is distinctive but just makes for messy looking equipment - they need to work harder on shaking off the home made origins of the products.

So that's out of the way.

Here we listened to the LampizatOr TranspOrt (which is essentially a tweaked Squeezebox - I'm sure the extent of tweaking is revealed on their www site), the LampizatOr Level 7 DAC, Van de Leur 002 stereo pre-amp and Sicillian made Tektron Italia Reference mono valve power amps and a KBL Sounds mains conditioner.  These played into the industrial strength hORNS.pl speakers you see in the picture, along with their battleship stands.  These were in a gloss black finish which was OK, but not as smooth as some others.  A range of glossy colours are available.

Lots of detail coming through on this system.  Deep well controlled bass.  Plenty of heft and control.  I did wonder what it would be like after several hours of listening though - could get wearing.

At the side of the room they also played some music via bluetooth from a phone into these funky looking little boxes.  There's a valve amp and a pair of single cone speakers.  Very well finished in a variety of bright colours they're a bit of fun for a bedroom, kitchen, study etc.  Sounded OK, but not really very fair to judge, given their tabletop position, speakers close together etc.  Might be worth further investigation if that's the sort of thing that you're considering for non-main system requirements.

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  1. Hallo Neil

    I am delighted to see your comments about our room. Thank you very much for the effort taken, as well as a nice pictures and proper subject investigation. I agree with you that Lukasz aesthetics are not for everyone, but it is just one of those things. The good thing is that due to our toys are mostly bespoken therefore it is always possible to get them in the finish matching your existing products, just let you know. For example If you like our Tektron Olive wood made amps and you buy them , you can ask us to have LampizatOr fascias of the TranspOrt and DAC fascias made of the same wood and Attilio , our man in Sicily will be happy to help. We did it few times already supplying customer with very strong taste and deep wish to have their system looking like a perfect match to their listening room finish. Hope that explanation will be useful for all readers as well. hORNS are also available in 8 others colours coming as a standard as it was seen on the sample board on the right side of the room and 25 standard veneers ,which had been presented on the table next to the little Eryk S system. But in truly bespoken spirit EVERY existing colour is possible.Just name it and it will match your car perfectly ;) Thank you very,very much one more time for such a nice and unbiased comments. It is a pleasure to read. Greg at G point audio.