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Saturday 8 November 2014

Sneeker Part 2

A couple of weeks back a post on the Linn forum inspired me to dig out some Linn ceiling speakers that had been in the garage for a while, and build a "portable" Linn based box.

It filled a couple of hours, but the results weren't too good - cardboard might be quick to use, but its not too good structurally, nor sonically.  Not a surprise really.

The blog post is at Sneeker Part 1.

A few days ago I dismantled the box.  The plan was to think about Part 2 and turning the box into something more substantial.  When taking out the Linn Diskreet speakers, I found I could remove the crossovers and drivers from the frame quite easily.  Turns out they're only 100mm coaxials inside, looking rather like car speakers.  They're the same size as the woefully cheap speakers in my touring caravan, so that's where they're going.

So what next?  Well, there are few bits and pieces in the garage, so I dug out some old Linn tweeters (probably from the Index 2, but not sure really) and some Mission 100mm mid-bass drivers.  I've also found a cabinet on ebay - more of which later.  But its going to be a luggable solution rather than a portable one, methinks.

So I've used some scrap board from the garage which is now cut to the same size as the cabinet that's on its way, so I can experiment with speaker layouts.  Below are the options I've considered:

Imagine that there's this config at each end of the board - as a mirrored layout.  I'll ask around on the forums now to find out if anyone has any opinions on which layout will work best.  Imaging will be difficult in such a small space, but that's what I'd like to optimise - might just have to cut the scrap boards and give each a try.

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