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Friday 29 September 2017

Turning the Royal Festival Hall Into a Rave - Kiasmos Live

I had the pleasure of seeing / hearing Kiasmos a couple of weeks ago at the Royal Festival Hall, London.

I was surprised to see that they filled the venue and that the Bristol gig was sold out too - I didn't think they were that well known and there's only one album.

Anyway, the place was on its feet 3 songs in and they delivered a fantastic performance. Some of the tracks were enlivened by adding a more insistent beat to turn chill into dance. Simple but very effective light show. I don't know if it was the RFH's normal sound system, but it was very good indeed, from the first couple of rows on the balcony at least. The boys played their consoles and keyboards along with a (very comprehensive!) backing track and looked like they were enjoying themselves. Turned the place into a massive night club and made me want to go and book a trip to Ibiza.

[Image: 37178783721_bb9380ff97_c.jpg]

[Image: 37321753985_6c101a22ef_c.jpg]

[Image: 37178786071_614c43df23_c.jpg]

Looped was superbly done with that massive bass line (with rubbish phone camera sound quality - click the image below for the video)

[Image: 37148878252_3707a299ca_c.jpg]

Rumours are that they are to split up, which would be a shame as I've only just found out about them this year!

After the gig there was an after party at the large dance area at the back of the reception area with Rival Consoles doing his thing which was very cool and also had a great sound system.

[Image: 37321751375_dba3449719_c.jpg]

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