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Saturday 16 March 2019

Musings At The HifiWigwam Show 2019

Room 120 is all ready for visitors tomorrow at the Wam Show at Kegworth.


After setting up and working on speaker positioning, the room was measured and SPACE Optimisation applied.  Linn Akurate Exakt source and Lejonklou power seems to be working well with the Gauder Akustik speakers.

Some independent feedback from around the forums:

Lejonklou forum member u252az: "Sunbeams system was the first Exakt system I have enjoyed - worth going just for that"

CyrusUnofficial forum member hifinutt: "Gauder sounded superb . Very natural" and on AOS "my favourite was the gauder akustik"

CyrusUnofficial forum member Czechchris: "I too liked the speakers you had playing"

The Flash: "sounding nicely balanced in that system. I think the curved cabinets are very smart indeed. The blue was far less of a "statement" than I expected, looked rather smart I thought."

Nopiano: "I agree with all the praise. They were evidently extremely well set up, and the system had a coherence and balance that was way beyond what I’d expected. Easy to enjoy!"

Richard A: "I’d like to add my plus one to those comments and this was my first chance to listen to Gauder. I loved the sound in your room, possibly the most natural/unforced of them all. I don’t need more speakers but I’d buy those in a heartbeat if I did. GLWS those are a bargain."

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