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Sunday 26 May 2019

Inside Linn's Majik Exaktbox-i (pre-Katalyst)

As usual with Linn's Exaktboxes and power amplifiers, I recently lifted the lid on the Majik Exaktbox-i used for Exakt filter designing, to dim down the excessively bright blue LED behind the front panel.  That involves removing the sleeve and then the front panel in order to paint the LED with a Sharpie and then to fit it with a "lightdim" disk.

Whilst I was in there I took some pictures so we can see what the equipment looks like inside:

Plenty of ventilation on the underside

General overview - note that the power supply section (down the centre) is not branded "Dynamik" in the normal way, even though it is a Dynamik power supply

One half of the power amp sections

Speaker terminals

Ribbon cable attachments

The Exakt processing board sits over the top of one half of the power amp boards

Exakt Processors

Ribbon cables and dual cooling fans

Channels 5 to 8 power amp board id

Exakt processing board id

Good view of one of the centralised heatsinks

Exakt processor board close up

Dual cooling fans and central status LED - this is the one I've painted with a Sharpie and then covered with a lightdim

From the front of the left hand side power amp only board

From the front of the right hand power amp board (channels 1 to 4) and the Exakt board above

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  1. Hi

    Did you find some switch to turn off the amp? And let to use only preamp out?