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Monday 24 February 2020

Bristol Hifi Show 2020 - Best Cinema System - KEF (with Arcam)

KEF focussed on home cinema in this room - it was dark so I don't have pictures of the speaker set up, just the rack of Arcam electronics.
The room was showcasing the latest R series speakers in a Dolby Atmos configuration.  The main speakers were the floorstanding R5 supplemented by a centre, 2x subs and 4x Atmos height speakers.  A couple of demo tracks were played from a demo disc.  The sound was extremely well controlled in every sense of the word - deep, powerful bass from a music perspective, substantial and controlled thuds where appropriate to the content and the steering was superbly smooth and seamless around the room.  Its a system that does all this without any sense of harshness nor compression that's often an issue - and they didn't play it "loud to impress" but loud enough to be very enjoyable. Deeply impressive stuff, which is should be at a total of £35k. Great demo.

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