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Thursday 3 February 2011

Cyrus - Breaking News!

What a great way to be able to start off the blog - some breaking news from Cyrus - they're about to release a network streaming player!  Observations later, but here's the news from a newsletter release today:

 We are pleased to announce that the new Cyrus streaming platform will soon be unveiled and we have taken all of the feedback on board that we received last year. We have not only developed an exceptional streaming music player, but also a truly unique interface that we have aptly named n-remote.  Whether you want to browse your network music library, select albums, artists or specific tracks, find your favourite internet radio station or control your Cyrus system, the n-remote will let you do all of this and more from the touch of a few buttons.
With its sleek body, full colour screen and two-way control, the n-remote is just one of the features that make the new Cyrus streaming platform very special. We will be releasing full details of this new platform over the next few weeks, but as a valued and favoured customer we thought you might like to see a sneak preview of this latest product...... 
The new Cyrus streaming music player

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