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Friday 25 February 2011

iTunes 24 bit Rumours!

Thanks to good audiophile friend Alan and good audiophile site Computer Audiophile for this one!

There's a rumour that Apple's iTunes will be offering 24 bit audio sometime in the future.  Now that would make a huge difference to the market and remove that nagging doubt about the widespread availablity of a good catalogue of true High Def audio content.

Fingers crossed, and any chance of FLAC please Mr Jobs?

1 comment:

  1. Surely it will happen one day. I just wonder if there will be any portable hardware that will support it and be able to really show the difference through a £100 pair of cans (I wouldn't fancy spending more on cans for a portable player).

    It does make me laugh though as you could get 16/44 straight off the CD on a Sony Discman back in 84/85. OK, so you needed to trawl a suitcase around for all your CD's but the raw data was decent quality...

    Maybe we should hope for USB outputs on future portable players and the ability to deliver the raw data over it - then we just move the decoders into the audiophile DAC. I already rip to both FLAC & MP3-320 so I'll happily carry both files on my player.

    Are there any DACs with built in FLAC (or other) decoders?