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Tuesday 8 February 2011

Musical Fidelity Join The Fray

More good news, but not quite so hot off the press, given that MF are advertising in pretty much every hifi mag with this at the moment.  But here it is anyway:

The MF M1 CLiC music streamer with 24/192 DAC, ethernet, wifi, internet radio, iPod digital input, USB input and iPhone / iPod controller app.   MF's twist includes digital and analogue inputs that allows use of this as a pre-amp in addition to being a source. At £1300 it looks like a good option and it will be interesting to compare against the Cyrus on sound quality and price.  For those who were disappointed that the Naim UnitiQute came with an amp, this could be just the thing, and for those who find the Linn Sneaky a disappointment (that would include me - it just doesn't deliver on the emotion in music and looks like they forgot to put it in a box), it would be great if it challenges the Akurate DS on sound.


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