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Friday 25 February 2011

More Cyrus Details

More information on the Cyrus streamer was announced at the Bristol show.  I should've said streamers rather than streamer, as its actually a bit of a family of products.

Lots of connectivity - USB (asychronous or not is not yet clear), iPod dedicated USB, wired Ethernet, WiFi, uPnP and DLNA.  Plus they plays the most important FLAC and WAV file formats up to 24 / 96.

Most impressively, Cyrus have got it right and produced all the main possible combinations for this device:

£1600 Streamline that is streamer / DAC / pre-amp / power amp as an all-in-one mini system (compare Naim UnitiQute)
£1400 Stream X which is the streamer only with digital outputs - so the main "source" component for those of us interested in selecting the best avaible device for each element in the sound reproduction chain (compare Naim NDX)
£2000 Stream XP which is the streamer / DAC / pre-amp version (perhaps compare Musical Fidelity?)

All work with a remote that includes a screen and controls the devices over the network.  Can't see anything in the news (no rear panel photos either) that indicate compatibility with the PSX-R power supply.

Brilliant!  I'm hoping these devices will sound as good or better than the company's existing DAC products (more soon on this topic) but Cyrus have to be absolutely congratulated and encouraged to continue with this excellent approach to covering all the bases.

Cyrus Announcement

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