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Friday 21 February 2014

Bristol Show 2014 - Linn, Nytech and ARC

Pheonix brand Nytech playing some great music through ARC 102 speakers (the larger of the 2 shown).  Source is heavily modified Linn Akurate with changed psu and DAC output stage - you can read about the modifications on the Linn forum here: http://forums.linn.co.uk/bb/showthread.php?tid=15549&page=8

Nytech were playing their "still prototype" pre-amp, active crossover and monoblocks into the also revived ARC branded speakers. They have 2 ranges of amps - a very tiny pre / pre PSU / 2x monoblocks for £2k that are about to go into production (they look great and feel like quality kit but they weren't playing when I was in the room) and the prototype stuff that was playing.  Each uses the same basic classic Nytech circuit design but using updated and better quality components.  The main difference between the 2 ranges is the quality of the components and the size / quality of the power supplies, and the larger range has the active crossovers.  The crossovers are designed to be able to support the same speakers as the originals (so Linn Isobariks for example), but I think they'll need to update that significantly for more modern speakers, otherwise there's going to be a very limited market for that box).

On the evidence of this showing, they're doing something right - very fluid but dynamic sound.

Also nice blokes to speak to and clearly passionate about what they're doing.

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