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Friday 21 February 2014

Bristol Show 2014 - Norma, Elac

Stayed in this room for a while, and guess what?  They were happy to play a large variety of music and music brought by punters.
I've never heard ELACs before (the ones playing and pictured below are £3,800) and never even heard of Norma electronics (I'm afraid it put me in mind of Last of the Summer Wine, but that's not really relevant eh?).  This system had bags of unaggressive energy, sweet treble, suprisingly deep bass (for the size of the speakers - however, they're a lot deeper than they appear to be in the photos) and played music.
The speakers are made from and alumimium extrusion and they truly disappeared from the soundstage - there was no impression of any boxiness or box-bound sound here.  Definitely worth a visit, and will be looking into the Norma electronics too.  They were using a Mac into the DAC inside the CD player.

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